Kundenbewertung – Ariel | California

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One of the many features of working with Chrissi was a quick and timely communication, even though I was not as timely. I felt like she understood from the first time of communicating what my vision was for the theme and colors of my wedding. I was really impressed by how she took my thoughts and expanded them beautifully into her own vision and designs, which then ended up being the staple and set of the mood throughout every aspect of my wedding. I felt she gave me a chance to explore by offering several alternative options for the design of my save-the-date, invitation, menu, and especially when it came to my logo and stamp design. I am very pleased with the professional but personal and warm experience that I received from Sommerliebe Papeterie. I highly recommend and am truly grateful that I chose to book Sommerliebe Papeterie for my wedding.

What an amazing job Chrissi, thank you! – Ariel Irwin